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Art Academy

The series of drawings "Academy of Art" portrays characters who have adopted for themselves the aesthetic model of different styles that have shaped the history of art in the 20th century. Art always transmutes in relation to its historical and political time, currently emptied of ideological content, the characters celebrate the adoption of an aesthetic in which to label themselves. The series, which refers with ironic humor to the aesthetic and ideological homogenization of global thinking, is built from the assembly of pieces that I specifically look for or pieces that I find on the street (a stone, a piece of metal). Whose scale and appearance have an appeal that leads me to relate them to works of art by fundamental creators of our time. It develops a vein of research that leads to reflection on different currents of art, its existence in its own historical moment, the creative pulse that these artists contained within them and printed emotion, pain, vertigo, horror, etc. in their art. . from that artist's own life experience. The language of an artist, when he manages to find it, is always the result of a vital process with art, through which he manages to connect history (nightmare, desire, obsession) with the vitality of his contemporaneity.

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