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Ink on paper

In Lanzarini's drawings we recognize that bureaucrats, politicians, religious people, artists and works of art that traced the history of the 20th century are mixed. We share them and see them in the light of our memories as absurd and nightmarish. As in a Byzantine painting there is no place for a perspective point of view, past and present coexist on the same plane. 

His overexposed characters live in a constant situation of frenetic urgency, they seem to be playing a role, but neither they nor we know exactly what it is. They dance, pose, parade, give speeches, exhibit their exuberant bodies with sensuality and ease. Lanzarini portrays the current world from the reality that lives in his memory of a neighborhood life, where everything was exposed on the street because the houses were small, or they got rained on, or flooded.

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